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Sixteen essential HR policies that are simple yet effective, aimed at SMEs to provide them with the protection and flexibility their business needs.  

Essential HR Polcies For Employers

Covering the law as it stands in April 2017, each HR policy is compliant, concise and clear for employers and employees alike to ensure Employers meet their legal obligations and manage difficult staff issues correctly to avoid falling foul of employment law.

The perfect balance of detail and clarity, these sixteen key HR policies that every business needs have been carefully stripped down to to bring clarity to complexity and provide Employers with the protection and flexibility their business needs.

#1  Holiday Policy

The Holiday Policy covers: Holiday entitlement and taking holidays, Sickness during periods of holiday, Long-term absence and holiday and Arrangements on termination.

Only £69.99


#2  Whistleblowing Policy

The Whistleblowing Policy covers:  Understanding whistleblowing, Raising a concern, Protection and confidentiality, External disclosures

Only £69.99


#3  Drug & Alcohol Policy

The Drug & Alcohol Policy covers:  Consequences of drug or alcohol use/possession, Drinking at work events, Dealing with side-effects of prescription medication and Screening and searches.

Only £69.99


#4  Bribery Policy

The Bribery Policy covers:  Understanding bribery & corruption, What staff must not do, Kickbacks, gifts, hospitality and expenses and Record keeping and staff obligations.

Only £69.99


#5  Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Policy covers:  Explanation of the data protection principles, How the company deals with data, Instructions on how employees should handle data and Subject access requests.

Only £69.99


#6  Modern Slavery Policy

The Modern Slavery Policy covers:  Explanation of modern slavery, What (not) to do if you are one of the company's suppliers and What (not) to do if you are one of the company's employees.

Only £69.99


#7  Social Media Policy

The Social Media Policy covers:  Rules for using social media, Business contacts and Problems on social media.

Only £69.99


#8  Grievance Policy

The Grievance Policy covers:  Informal grievances, Formal grievance procedure and Right to be accompanied.

Only £69.99


#9  Equal Opportunities Policy

The Equal Opportunities Policy covers:  Different types of discrimination, Duties and responsibilities for management and staff, Recruitment and selection and Breaches and enforcement.

Only £69.99


#10  Harassment & Bullying Policy

The Harassment & Bullying Policy covers:  Understanding harassment & bullying, Dealing with the problem, Confidentiality and Protection.

Only £69.99


#11  Maternity & Family Friendly Policies

The Maternity and Family Friendly Policies cover:  Maternity leave and pay, Shared parental leave and Paternity, adoption and ordinary parental leave.

Only £69.99


#12  Flexible Working Policy

The Flexible Working Policy covers:  How to request flexible working, Dealing with a flexible working request and Appeals and challenges.

Only £69.99


#13  Performance Improvement Policy

The Performance Improvement Policy covers:  How to deal with things informally, How formal performance meetings are carried out, Performance improvement stages and Dismissals for poor performance.

Only £69.99


#14  Absence Management Policy

The Absence Management Policy covers:  Reporting absence and evidence of incapacity, Fit for work service, Managing long term and persistent absence and Other types of absence.

Only £69.99


#15  Redundancy Policy

The Redundancy Policy covers:  Avoiding redundancies, Making redundancies and Sample selection criteria.

Only £69.99


#16  Disciplinary Policy

The Disciplinary Policy covers:  Investigations, Dismissal and other sanctions and Examples.

Only £69.99

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