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Employment Law Updates & HR News

Exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts are unenforceable following the insertion of two new sections, 27A and 27B, into the ERA 1996.

UK employment laws are extremely complex and with the government introducing regular changes, many UK employers often struggle to keep up to date and keep their business compliant.

Employers may need to review their procedures for checking references and for assessing probationary periods....We outline why.

From 6 April 2015 the maximum week’s pay for unfair dismissal basic awards and statutory redundancy pay and the cap on the compensatory award which may be awarded in the majority of unfair dismissal cases have been increased.

With an ever changing legislative landscape and recent changes to employment law in areas such as flexibile working and parental leave, employers could unknowingly cause an employee or worker to believe they have suffered a detriment and thus expose thems…

A new system of statutory parental rights - Shared Parental Leave - came into force yesterday (5 April 2015) which allows parents to share leave and pay following the birth or adoption of a child. We look at what Employers need to do to comply.

April 2015 increases to statutory maternity, paternity, adoption and sick pay have been announced. EmployEasily Legal Services outlines what those increases are from 6 April 2015.

There are several key issues Employers should consider when changing employees' terms of employment, including potential pitfalls to avoid when making changes.

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